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Sven Malojlo Lightroom Presets for Photographers will speed up your Worklflow, give you consistent colors with a creative touch and flawless skintones. Are you tired of tweaking? Have you ever wondered why the sample images of some Presets look so gorgeous, but they don´t work for you without tweaking them a ton?

My Lightroom Presets are tested by some of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the industry and family, maternity and newborn photographers love them as well. I am testing all my Preset Packs by myself on over 300 different RAWs from all major brand cameras. I am really proud about them and I am sure you´ll love my presets, too! You´ll get my Presets in two versions. They´ll come as Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw Presets. All for one price.

And now the best part. I really thought about the pricing a lot. I wanted them to be affordable for everyone not just for professional photographers. My Presets are made to work with RAW files, but if you knock down the contrast and adjust the saturation they work a charm on JPEG too.

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SMAL Lightroom Presets

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Do you want your raw files edited before you buy the lightroom and acr presets? Or do you just want to see more awesome examples how to edit with the SMAL Lightroom Presets? Or do you just want to hang with the most awesome and uplifting photography community on facebook?

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As someone who has spent way too much money on various presets, I can say with certainty that Sven Malojlo is a standout in a heavily saturated market. Not only has he created an extremely high quality product that has changed how I edit, he backs it up with some of the best customer service I have ever seen.
From building a supportive, interactive forum that provides education and pre- testing of presets, to personally answering questions with patience, Sven works hard to ensure you will have the best chance of success using the SMAL presets with your images.

Erin Falkenham

Portrait Photographer, Twig Hill Photo

I remember first seeing the Smal presets in use in a photography group I am a part of and instantly loving the tones and texture they gave the images. I asked what presets were used and then a little while later Sven messaged me.

SMAL presets have been the only presets I use since I hit purchase. They achieve the exact tones and texture I want in my images and I am endlessly satisfied with my purchase!

Donna Smith

Wedding, Portrait Photographer, Donna Marie Photography

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A few of the Photos in the example galleries are provided, by the awesome photographers mentioned below. They are also members of my Facebook User Group. Please visit their homepages, facebook sites and instagram accounts.

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